statcheck for Word

Together with Michèle Nuijten I am working on a statcheck implementation for Microsoft Word.

statcheck is an R package designed to catch statistical reporting mistakes. It works by first extracting statistics from a paper (e.g., t values, degrees of freedom, p-values). It will then use the test statistic and degrees of freedom to re-calculate the p-value and compare it to the reported p-value. If the two don’t match, there is a reporting mistake.

You can use the statcheck package in R to check your paper or you can use the web app. Using the web app consists of simply uploading your paper and checking the results. You can then go back to the paper and correct the mistakes.

Of course, an even easier way is to have statcheck available while writing your paper. That’s why Michèle and I are working on a Word add-in that allows you to check potential reporting mistakes as you’re working on it.

Our current progress can be found on our Github page here, and I will update this page with more information as we continue to develop the add-in.