New Website (Again)

July 31, 2020

Well, I did it again–I made a new website. For some reason I can never stay satisfied with the way things look or the way things work when it comes to my own personal website. I’m feeling kinda optimistic about this one though!

One of the reasons I struggle with maintaining a website is because it’s hard to design a website that looks nice and has useful functionality, such as support for blogging. Of course, there’s the amazing blogdown package in R that makes it rather trivial to setup a website, but then you have to select a theme that fits your needs. So far, I have not found that theme, despite several getting pretty close.

Usually a particular theme covers 80% or perhaps even 90% of what I want. That’s a decent chunk, but it does mean I always end up having to change HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code so that the website does exactly what I want. For example, I want to use code highlighting because it makes code more readable (and pretty). However, while some themes offer highlighting support, I then still need to delve into the code and add support for custom functions so that all functions are highlighted, and not just a limited set of functions.

Then there’s the responsiveness of the website and its general look. Many themes do a good job in creating a pretty and responsive website, but usually there are small hiccups or design choices that I would do differently. I then again have to delve into the code and adjust it.

So I’ve decided to build this website by going over all the code myself and changing it to be what I want it to be, using a few starters for the code and design of the website. The code mostly comes from Yihui Xie’s extremely minimal Hugo theme and the design/looks comes from Jake Wiesler’s Codex theme.

Having finished most of the functionality of this website, it’s time for content.