I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. I conduct research on the topic of false beliefs, cognitive dissonance, and various other topics. This research is mostly empirical and experimental (i.e., using experiments), using various tools such as surveys, computer tasks, and physiological measures. At the moment, I am focusing on a large-scaled replication effort of a classic study from the cognitive dissonance literature. More information on this project can be found on my cognitive dissonance project page. I have also become increasingly interested in the topic of animal welfare, which I see both as one of the most pressing issues in the world at this moment and as a fruitful area of research where influential theories in social psychology (such as cognitive dissonance) can be applied and tested.

I’m also interested in the methodology of psychological research and ways to improve how we conduct science. A notable project I’m working on is tidystats. This is a software solution to help researchers more easily and more reproducibly report statistics in scientific manuscripts. It’s main goal is to get researchers to report more statistics with fewer errors. I’m pretty proud of this project, so please check it out on the tidystats project or the tidystats website.

Besides doing research, I also teach. I’m quite experienced in teaching an introduction to social psychology for undergraduates, as well as an introduction course about attitudes and advertising. I’m also a big fan of the statistical programming language R and regularly provide R workshops. These workshops are mainly directed at psychologists who want to start using R for data preparation, visualization, and analysis. If you’re interested in me providing a workshop, feel free to contact me! If you want a demonstration of my R skills, check out some of my blog posts such as this one or this one.

Another example is this website. It is created using the cool blogdown package in RStudio. The website’s theme is a custom theme created by me, but heavily inspired by other work.